About the project

Сritical limb ischemia (CLI, in Russian - KINK) – is a vascular pathology of lower limbs, which is developed during decompensation patient’s chronic diseases and can cause limb amputation and death.

KINK.RU – is a project and a website of professionals capable of ensuring lower limbs preservation and patient’s life with maximum efficiency in this dangerous condition.

Our mission is to reduce the number of non-traumatic amputations of lower limbs and help patients in hopeless situations.

There is a section for patients, containing information about the doctors of our team and ability to send information, and a section for medical professionals, containing useful tools in their daily work: scales, current international recommendations, calculator for assessing limb status - WIfI scale.

Each of the doctors in our team specializes in organ-preserving lower extremities pathology treatment and is an expert in their field. Although we work in different clinics, we are united by one goal – saving a limb from amputation and prolonging patient's life.Every day, ad a team, we discuss the circumstances of each patient and take a group decision. This approach allows us to ensure high quality of care and achieve the highest result possible.

The other goal of our team is to educate doctors and help them with decision-making in difficult circumstances, and also in situations when treatment cannot be carried out on the spot.

For this purpose we organize various training events: an annual KINK course dedicated to multidisciplinary critical lower limb ischemia treatment, master classes, lectures about antithrombotic therapy in peripheral artery pathology. With the help of the tools represented on our website, we provide assistance for practitioners from different regions of Russia.


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